AFC is fully committed to safety and regulatory compliance in every facet of our production. Safety, Health, and Environmental (SH&E) assessments are an integral part of all of our projects.

It is our priority to provide our employees with a safe and healthy work environment. Our team of highly qualified SH&E professionals ensure that all operations are conducted in accordance with federal and state safety and environmental regulations, and that all employees actively participate in safety programs.

AFC’s Approach to Quality and SH&E:

  • Provide the Appropriate Resources to Each and Every Project
    • Deliver the right people, products, and services at the right time and place
    • Operate as a disciplined, process-oriented, learning organization to insure continuous and measurable improvement
    • Achieve AFC’s priorities of operational excellence and company growth
  • Continuously Striving for Process Improvement aligned with our customers systems and needs to:
    • Provide a safe environment
    • Improve process capability, cycle time, and reduce variability
    • Minimize and prevent pollution and waste
  • Nurture Relationship and Provide a Desirable Work Environment
    • AFC values ethical conduct, diversity, empowerment, open communication, accountability, safety, 
environmental responsibility, teamwork, training, personal growth, achievement, and recognition
    • Maintain a relationship of trust with our customers, employees, owners, suppliers, and community
    • Become the supplier of choice through best practices, teamwork, and partnerships
  • Maintain compliance with Federal, State, and Local requirements

Government and Industry Compliance:

  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) Process Safety Management Standard
  • Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Risk Management 
Prevention Standards
  • Plant Awareness and Emergency Response Team
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee

An integral part of our process design philosophy is maximizing the reuse and recycling of materials, ensuring we minimize our impact on the environment. AFC supports strong sustainability and conservation programs. We have successfully reduced our waste generation average by recycling over 6 million pounds of internal solvent for reuse.

All of our facilities are in full compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). In addition to our compliance with federal regulations, AFC-CA follows the California Division of Occupational Safety & Health (CAL OSHA) and the California Accidental Release Prevention program (CAL ARP). AFC-TX is in full compliance with the Texas Department of Environmental Quality (TX DEQ) standards. AFC-VA is in full compliance with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VA DEQ) standards. We thoroughly audit our vendors and suppliers to provide our customers with the highest quality material and services.

We have reduced our potable water consumption by 35% since May 2015 and save approximately 6,900 gallons of potable water a month. We also have a biological wastewater treatment system that enables us to significantly reduce our off-site disposal costs for aqueous streams that cannot be reused or recycled. AFC has been recognized for achievement in numerous breakthrough Green Chemistry Initiatives.

AFC’s SH&E Achievements:

  • 2016 – Bronze Award for Environmental Sustainability
  • 2015 – ChemStewards® Silver Award for Product Stewardship
  • 2015 – ChemStewards® Silver Award for Employee Training and Engagement
  • 2015 – CMO Leadership Awards for Quality, Reliability & Regulatory Excellence
  • 2014 – ChemStewards® Award for Management Systems
  • 2014 – ChemStewards® Bronze Award for Environmental Sustainability
  • 2014 – SOCMA Bronze Award for Performance Improvement
  • 2012 – Green Chemistry Award (CICC/State of CA)
  • 2012 – Silver Application Award (SOCMA)
  • 2011 – Bronze Award for Performance Improvement (SOCMA)
  • 2010 – National Silver Award for Pollution Prevention and Environmental Stewardship
  • 2009 – Green Chemistry Award
  • 2009 – Sustainable Business Programs Award
  • 2009 – Save Energy Now Award
  • 2008 – Green Chemistry Award
  • 2007 – Pollution Prevention Award