AFC offers a large portfolio of key technologies through our various facilities. Our facilities comprise over 158,000 gallons (598 m³) of cGMP manufacturing capacity for all scales of production including simulated moving bed chromatography, high potency, controlled substances, energetic chemistry, continuous processing, and biocatalysis.

Our corporate headquarters are located on a secure campus in Rancho Cordova, California. AFC also has additional integrated cGMP manufacturing facilities in La Porte, Texas and Petersburg, Virginia. AFC provides analytical testing services from our AMPAC Analytical facility located in El Dorado Hills, California.

We encourage our customers to visit us to review our fully integrated manufacturing infrastructure.

AFC-California – Headquarters

Our headquarters, AFC-California (AFC-CA) was established in 1942 and is located on a large security-controlled DoD-regulated site in Rancho Cordova, California (near Sacramento).

AFC-CA supports development, High Potency, SMB, Energetic Chemistry, Controlled Substances, and cGMP manufacturing at all scales of production. This single site comprises over 240 acres that are centrally located on the 13,600-acre DoD-regulated Aerojet Rocketdyne campus, and performs fully cGMP compliant manufacturing from the laboratory to commercial scale. AFC-CA has over 84,000 gallons (317.97 m³) of manufacturing capacity.


AFC-Texas (AFC-TX) is a multi-purpose cGMP manufacturing facility specializing in the production of registered intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the global market at facilities located on a security-controlled site in La Porte, Texas (near Houston). This site encompasses over 42,500 square feet and has a total cGMP manufacturing capacity of 24,100 gallons (91.23 m³).

AFC-TX supports Energetic Chemistry and cGMP manufacturing at small and large scales. This facility is known for its expertise in performing energetic and hazardous chemistry at a large scale. AFC-TX has demonstrated the capability to handle reactions involving phosgene, cyanide, azide, POCl3, hydrogenation, alkylation, hydride reduction, Grignard, and chlorination.


AFC-Virginia (AFC- VA) is an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing facility. This facility encompasses 197 acres and has 45,000 gallons (170.34 m³) of total capacity. Multiple production lines with individual reactor capacity ranging from 200 gallons (0.75 m³) to 2,000 gallons (7.57 m³) support clinical stage development requirements as well as commercial development.

AFC-VA supports development, High Potency, Energetic Chemistry, Controlled Substances, and cGMP manufacturing at all scales. AFC-VA has specifically expanded our ability to develop and manufacture Controlled Substances (Schedule I-IV).

AMPAC Analytical

AMPAC Fine Chemicals established AMPAC Analytical to meet accelerating analytical testing business demands. Our AMPAC Analytical facility is located in El Dorado Hills, CA, and conducts highly specialized analytical development and testing of cGMP intermediates, APIs, and drug products.

AMPAC Analytical is equipped with fully compliant cGMP instrumentation geared toward method development & validation and product analysis & product release. We are also capable of handling Controlled Substances (Schedule II-V), Highly Potent Compounds (HPAPIs), and Cytotoxic Compounds.

With 13,000 square feet of laboratory space, we provide specialized analytical methods development and validation for both Drug Substance and Drug Products to our customers. We provide accurate, timely, and reliable testing for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Laboratory Services:

  • Release Testing
  • Method Development
  • Method Validation/Transfer
  • Stability Program
  • Reference Standard Qualification
  • Compendia Testing
  • Compound Characterization
  • Elemental Impurities
  • Routine Analytical Testing

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