Our experienced product managers fulfill the role of liaison between our integrated product teams and our customers. Frequent and direct communication between these parties results in an accurate production plan that successfully meets each customer’s timing, quality, and quantity requirements. AFC has the flexibility to adopt communication methods that best meet the needs of the customer and the project.

AFC employs Integrated Product Teams (IPT) to manage all aspects of successful program execution.

  • Product Management is the liaison between the customer and the AFC Integrated Product Team (IPT) team
  • Product Managers (PMs) understand and communicate customer requirements to the AFC IPT
  • PMs assure project KPIs match customer KPIs
  • PMs are dedicated to each project throughout its life at AFC
  • PMs work with the inner circle team to handle day-to-day tasks and provide solutions that allow commitment to schedule. Support is provided by the senior leadership team and is represented by the outer circle.

IPT Diagram

Our product managers consistently strive to achieve optimized solutions that are customized to our customer’s requirements and expectations.